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The ArtStreets concept

My interpretation of these themes gave rise to the ArtStreets concept: more than just a summary of many past experiences, it is born with the (possibly ambitious) goal of suggesting an alternative model of territorial planning, established with the intention of reconciling the demands of the private sector with the needs of the community, in the hopes of creating secure, enjoyable, hospitable places, neighbourhoods and portions of the city.

ArtStreets originated out of my personal preference for contamination of different disciplines, out of the desire to express a new lifestyle concept based on sharing of art and design, on quality, efficiency and security in public and private spaces, on the perfect blend of functions of interest to a particular neighbourhood, defined area or portion of the city.

ArtStreets is a simple and clear plan for construction of a series of city houses that will continue in a row on the right and left sides of the street, one after the other, separate buildings forming part of a single project, façades which follow one upon another in a constant dialogue of full and empty volumes, new perspectives originating out of diagonal cuts in the volumes.