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ArtStreet 1

The Street - A street clearly planned as a whole, designing each individual space, element and material; a place to live in, not just a place to pass through; a safe harbour, both practical and elegant [...]


ArtStreet 2

Commercial Center - Volumes surrounded by quality architecture, complexes of considerable size in which all the elements both inside and outside the building are designed on the basis of a common theme. From rest areas and parking lots [...]


ArtStreet 3

Collector's Villa - A place to live in for cultivating love for design and passion for art; a place customised through targeted choices, for secure, comfortable living.


ArtStreet 4

Hills - Single-family residences on a hill are artfully situated on each side of the street. The size and shape of the homes are in harmony with each other, but at the same time capable of being customized [...]


ArtStreet 5

Entrances In the front of the house, a big transparent window showcase with works of art, projections, a greenhouse with exotic plants. An interesting and ever changing facade depending on the owner's feelings or the season and holidays. [...]



Forniture - Especially designed furniture for ArtStreets mainly in monocrome colours, in glass and metal to fit the particular environments.